Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is the Families of The Way Ministry?

Gone are the days when parents can say a few prayers with their children, drop them off for occasional faith-building activities at church, and  reasonably hope their children will grow up to know and love the Lord and be actively involved in the wonderful family that is His church.
Parents are the primary role models of their children, yet many feel ill-prepared to pass on the love of Jesus Christ and a true appreciation for His church. In today's complex and challenging world, parents also need support to grow in critical family life skills.
The Families of The Way program combines and connects spiritual growth, daily faith practices and the strengthening of parenting, communication and other important life skills.  In a welcoming church environment, parents benefit from discussions and exercises that are relevant to their spiritual growth and to the mindful raising of their sons and daughters. 
We are also building an electronic network of like-minded Christian parents and other loved ones to pray, to discuss, to explore and to grow ourselves to better raise our children, who are our future here on earth, and to set their feet on the path to a never-ending relationship with God.
Please join and support us today by visiting https://www.facebook.com/familiesoftheway, hitting the “LIKE” button, and sharing your thoughts and prayers.

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