Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heading Off Crises in Family Life

Family life, especially in today’s world, can be quite challenging.  If you think about it, I imagine you have family or friends who have sad stories of struggles with children and other loved ones.  But these challenges, these problems, don’t usually happen overnight.  Seldom does one wake up to suddenly have issues like being in a marriage in crisis or having sons or daughters who are in trouble with the law - without some warning signs.  

You can take action to deal with problems before they become crises. A critical first step is to improve communication in your family – to learn how to really hear what your loved ones are telling you and how to work through issues.  Better communication skills will lessen disagreements, build trust and foster a stronger sense of family support.  It will give your children a sense that they can turn to you when they have problems.  When you've built better communication and trust, your sons and daughters are more open to seeing you as a role model in word and action.  You can then work to pass on the skills and values you hold dear. 

Question for reflection:  What are one or two areas I'd like to improve to better communicate with my loved ones?

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