Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sometimes, It Is Worth The Run

We live in a semi-rural neighborhood with lots of wildlife – herds of deer, roadrunners, armadillos, jackrabbits, and more.  Our neighbors’ dogs also run around at times and love to dig in our garbage cans.

Since we don’t like picking up garbage strewn all over our yard, we wait until the morning of the garbage pick-up to put the trash can down by the street.  Our nice house has a less than perfect gravel drive that is a bit steep and curvy, pitted with hills and valleys.   My sons are the ones who usually get the trash can to the street each week.

Well, being summer and that both my boys are teens, they were still asleep when I heard the Garbage truck round the bend onto my street today.  Since my husband already mentioned how much that garbage was stinking, I thought, “this is worth the run today”.  I quickly suspended my business pursuits, slipped on my running shoes, and shot out the door.  As the Garbage truck barreled down the street, I grabbed the garbage can and barreled down the twisty, hilly driveway, hoping to beat the truck to the end of my driveway.  I made it!

Life has its challenges, both big and little.  We get to choose which ones are worth the extra effort to break loose and “run”.  Teaching our kids how to dig in and work through the tough spots is an important life lesson.  Using this as a lesson, I’ll share the story with my kids later today.  Will you share a similar story about “digging in” with us in the comments below?

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