Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reduce Stress & Create Postive, Lasting Change!

What does it look like to EASE your way into the New Year while creating positive, lasting changes?  What does it look like to gently pursue your goals for 2018, without adding undo stress to your already busy lives?

Let’s look at an example, using my weight loss goals.  If you are like me, you may have enjoyed the holidays a bit too much - in the area of eating lots of delicious foods.  One of my goals for 2018 is to lose the few pounds I gained over the holidays, plus about 20 pounds more! 
Wisdom from health experts and my own experience have taught me that I can take two routes.  The more stressful and less successful one will be to cut way back on calories and really ramp up my exercise.  This leads to me feeling starved and deprived and can lead to injuries.  In other words, I’d be setting myself up to fail.  On the other hand, if I EASE my way into this – cutting back gradually and eating healthier foods, along with increasing my exercise levels a bit at a time, I’m much more likely to embrace and create lasting healthier habits.

We spent a good bit of 2017 in our community talking about adopting a Marathon Mindset (also known as Taking the Long View) in how we raise our kids.  Each year, we have a whole 365 days to make changes and growth and develop new strengths. Let’s pace ourselves and make the change lasting and effective for the long haul. 

So ask yourself:  What gentle adjustments can I make over the next several weeks that helps my family EASE toward our goals??  How can I break down these large goals into manageable steps that don’t put additional stress and pressure on us?

I’ve got a great way to engage your loved ones in creating a vision for your family, identify what matters most and identify a few areas to gently work towards better habits.  

Click this link and I’ll send it right out to you: http://vid.us/8n752w
I know you and your family will enjoy the engaging conversations and activities and feel proud of your Family Vision Board and Values Exercise!

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