Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mama Doe Shows Us How to Sacrifice

In today’s “it is all about me” society, we’ve been lead to believe we should put ourselves first.  Yet being given the great privilege and responsibility to mindfully raise our children sometimes requires sacrifice.  A story from nature about sacrifice and overcoming fear comes to mind as I write this post. 

I am lucky to office from my home and look out over the beautiful Hill Country view through my front window.  We have a moving landscape – gorgeous Axis deer and White-Tailed deer graze across our yard several times a day.

While working with my associate, Angela Woodrow, the other day, I noticed an Axis doe approaching our front beds to apparently nibble on the new growth our plants were putting out.  At this time of year, I tend to shoe the deer away to help the plants grow a bit.  Unlike White-Tailed deer, Axis deer are very skittish.  They are easily scared or shoed away.  This doe, however, kept returning.  I shoed her away several times before I stopped to think what could drive her to go against her shy nature.

Pausing my work, I looked carefully at the bed she was determined to get into.  Sure enough, hidden among my plants was a newborn fawn.  The mama doe was simply trying to get to and protect her baby.  It was a really sweet scene.  As you might suspect, mama doe decided to move her baby to a place further away from that crazy human!

Mama doe’s first inclination was to stay safe and avoid contact with me.  She had to sacrifice concerns for her safety  and overcome her instincts for what was best for her in order to protect her fawn.  

As parents, there are times when we need to sacrifice what may be in our best interest for the sake of our children.  It might be a relatively small sacrifice like stepping up to volunteer for your child's band, theater or sports activities.  It might be a larger sacrifice such as passing up a promotion at work that requires a lot of travel and time from home.  It may be deciding to take a job away from home simply to keep the roof over your loved ones' heads. Regardless, it takes courage and a willingness to review your options with your loved ones, reflect on the possible impacts each decision could have on all, and respond with courage and sacrificial love in the decision that is best for your family.


  1. So very true. Every day we must make intentional parenting choices.

    1. I agree, Angie. Fortunately, most choices are not sacrifices, but are made with a loving heart.