Friday, October 1, 2010

The Story of "A Round To-It"

One summer day many years ago, I dropped in for a brief visit with my dad where he was working as a supervisor in the substation department for a large utility company . As I glanced around his small office, I noticed a flat, round disk sitting on his desk. He saw me looking at it and asked, "Do you know what that is?" When I said I did not, he said, "This is "A Round To-It". We give it to our co-workers sometimes when one of them says he'll work on a task when he can get "A Round To-It." It reminds us that sometimes we simply have to make time for the important things because that time might otherwise never come.

Do you have "A Round To-It" list? What important tasks are on it? I noticed myself adding another item to mine today. This story reminds all of us that, if it is important enough, we need to recognize when we are putting off something and just dig in and get it done. 

What will you commit to doing today? Please share it with us in the comments below. :)

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