Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes, Our Kids Do Grow Up!

We've had a wonderful celebration two weeks ago - my oldest son, Jeffrey, graduated from high school! My father and sisters joined my family of five for the graduation ceremony and days of celebrating and visiting.

We are very proud of the fine young man Jeffrey has become. Jeffrey has a kind heart, a great sense of humor and is very smart. He is heading off to Blinn College for a year or two and then finishing up at Texas A&M University. He has all the internal drive and skills necessary to succeed in life and I'm sure he will.

I want to encourage you as a parent that we can all still raise awesome kids. Yes, things can get bumpy along the way. Know that honing your parenting skills and learning how to parent each child where he or she is can yield the best of results. Believe me, NOW is the time to learn how to help your child succeed in life, so get started and good luck!

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