Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thinking “Outside the Box”

by Life Coach Janet Bonnin
Fine-Tuned Families

When he was a toddler, one of my nephews came up with a unique solution to a perceived problem. His kitten seemed in need of some milk one day. My nephew opened the refrigerator and peered up at the milk carton which was well out of reach on the top shelf. Pausing a moment to think, he decided since the milk couldn’t come to the cat, then the cat should go to the milk. He promptly picked the kitten up, placed it in the refrigerator and closed the door, thinking the kitten could help himself to the milk. Mom later entered the kitchen and heard a racket coming from the refrigerator. When she opened the door, the kitten screamed out, leaving behind cat hair in everything imaginable.

While that solution may not have achieved the desired result, this was a unique way to address a problem. We can learn to think outside the box by taking a moment to mentally run through several options before making a difficult decision. For example, when we feel time constrains us from volunteering for a beloved charity, we might instead offer to serve as a volunteer recruiter prior to the event, give a cash donation, or resolve to help the next time we are needed.

Seek out creative solutions to your next challenge! You may find the perfect solution is just a moment’s thought away.

What are some creative ways you've thought "outside the box"?


  1. A very cute story. Found your blog via twitter and while I can't think of a time where I've thought outside of the box at the moment, I'm sure something will pop into my head soon.

  2. Love the idea. Karen